Adjustment to everyday life for visual challenges

What can I do?; Sensory Adjustments

Oversensitive -- Undersensitive

Activity Overreactive   Avoider
Dress Create a blank area for dressing.
Have child look at you while dressing.
  Keep shades drawn, add light sparsely, use pure light such as halogen.
Eat Serve foods that do not touch on plate.
Serve similar colors together.
  Allow child to have one food at a time on plate.
Play Provide back drops for play areas to reduce visual distractions.   Keep play area clear; select one toy at a time.
Going Out Give child something to play with while moving in stroller to reduce strobe effect as you move.   Create “blinders” on the stroller to reduce side visual input.
Bath Provide 1 or 2 selected toys for bath time.   Remove toys from bath.
Sleep Reduce light sources in the room.   Remove all light sources; close shades, pad door jams.

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Activity Underreactive   Seeking
Dress Select bright and contrasting clothing.   Select bright clothing.
Eat Use contrasting plate so that food is easily visible.   Provide variety of colors in one meal, eg, berries in oatmeal.
Play Select brightly colored toys.
Place mirrors at the floor level.
Add colored tape to door jams and edges of stairs.
  Put posters up at child’s eye level.
Place mirrors at floor level.
Provide colored lighting.
Going Out Point out things you see.
Have child look for things
  Bring child’s attention to objects in context.
Bath Incorporate soap crayons into the bath regime.   Sort bath toys by color.
Use bright colors for soap and wash cloths.
Sleep Turn on bright lights.   Leave a night light on in the room,

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