4myLearn Learning Challenge Model

Level 3: Response to Learned Behaviors (External)

Level 3 deals with the interaction of learned behaviors and reponses to that behavior by family members, teachers, caregivers, and peers. Learned behaviors emerge as a result of interaction between the child’s biologically based motor, sensory, cognitive, and affective capabilities and sensory environmental stimuli in Level 2.

Positive Adaptive coping develops through joyful interaction with key adults. This occurs when parents, caregivers, and teachers model and explicitly teach desired skills and understanding, set high develomentally appropriate expectations for the child, and employ positive discipline through encouragement, guidance, positive structure, boundaries, and limit setting.
Negative Maladaptive coping develops through misunderstanding of a child's Level 1 and 2 environmental needs and behavior by key adults. This occurs when parents, caregivers, and teachers consider the child deficient, and provide insufficient structure, unnecessarily restrictions, unrealistic expectations, criticize, and punish in anger. Negative reaction by peers compound this.