Adjustment to everyday life for taste & smell challenges

What can I do?; Sensory Adjustments

Oversensitive -- Undersensitive

Taste / Smell
Activity Overreactive   Avoider
Dress Use unscented soap for hands Apply own scents after dressing child  Remove air fresheners.   Use unscented products before dressing child.
Eat Identify favorite spice and incorporate often (eg, cinnamon) Name aromas of flavors/foods.    Provide a predictable set of foods for mealtimes.
Play Be careful about cleaners for toys—use unscented ones.   Use unscented products to clean toys.
Going Out Be cautious about entering stores/aisles with scented products Reduce exposure to scents, eg, food courts.    Avoid stores/aisles with scented products.
Bath Taste/smell Identify scents, textures child likes, and incorporate them regularly.   Use unscented soaps, lotions.
Sleep Use unscented laundry soap for bedding.   Use unscented products on bedding and hands.

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Taste / Smell
Activity Underreactive   Seeking
Dress Use scented lotions.   Use scented lotions and detergents.
Eat Add new aromas, tastes to foods.   Ask child to guess foods by smell.
Play Clean toys with scented cleaners.   Clean toys with scented cleaners.
Going Out Apply scented lotions on child and your hands.   Have scented lotions available for child to use.
Bath Use scented bath products.   Use scented bath products.
Sleep Spritz scents on shoulder before picking up child.   Use a “sleep” scent on pillow.

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