Adjustment to everyday life for body position awareness or proprioception challenges

What can I do?; Sensory Adjustments

Oversensitive -- Undersensitive

Body Position Awareness
Activity Overreactive   Avoider
Dress Make tasks smaller in time and in parts.   Create routines for everyday tasks.
Use exact pattern of events every day.
Eat Create a comfortable seating structure for the child for mealtime.   Use seats/chairs, so the child does not have to be held.
Play Crawl in tight spaces, carrying and pushing heavy objects.   Craft alone time for the child.
Going Out Have child wear backpack. Follow same sequence daily. Place heavy toy on lap.   Have child carry or wear a backpack.
Bath Have child prop on hands/arms during bath.   Create routines for everyday tasks.
Use exact pattern of events every day.
Sleep Use very heavy blankets.   Use very heavy blankets.

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Body Position Awareness
Activity Underreactive   Seeking
Dress Make child reach and bend for clothing.   Alter the dressing pattern each day.
Eat Have child stand up to eat.   Have child stand and prop on table.
Play Select heavier objects for playing.   Dig in dirt and sand.
Place heavy book on child’s lap
Dance with and without music
Going Out Give child heavy objects to carry; wear a backpack.   Take short, varied trips that require child to get in out of car frequently.
Bath Have child sit on heels or prop with hands.   Have child sit, get on hands and knees during bath.
Sleep Vary body positions frequently.   Prop child into interesting body positions.

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