Natural Food Coloring


To prepare juices, for fruits and vegetable use juicer or 1/2 cup water, blend, strain. For hard vegetables like cabbage: chop, cook in water, strain. Cook to concentrate the juices, if desired. Freeze to store. A 1/4 teaspoon of juice colors most foods. Powders take less.

Purple and Blue: Red cabbage can be used to make both purple and blue food coloring. For purple, cut and boil the cabbage until the water is very dark and concentrated. This will give you a pretty purple dye. Add vinegar for a more pinkish purple and baking soda for blue. Baking soda can be substituted with spinach juice or green tea for blue/green.
Or else use blueberry, blackberry juice for blue. Or grape juice concentrate for purple.
Green: Use spinach or parsley juice.
Yellow: Use turmeric powder. A little goes a long way.
Orange/yellow: Use golden beet juice.
Orange: Use carrot juice or powder or paprika.
Pink: Use beet, cranberry, or raspberry juice.
Red: Use beet juice or powder or pomegranate juice.