Comprehensive Medical Lab Tests for ADHD and ASD


Here is a list of comprehensive lab tests for ADHD and ASD. Find out what you insurance will cover, and which are available in your lab as a lower cost bundle. The key tests are in pink. You can start with them and follow-up the the other as needed.

If your doctor is unfamiliar with an ASD/ADHD panel, what is being looked for is a pattern that reflects a chronic sub-clinical indication of a weakened/inefficient immune system. Your immune system is supposed to protect you from the bad stuff in the environment and negate and clear any bad stuff that has made it inside your body. For each test, there is a normal range. If the environment provides more insults than the body can handle, the results will show multiple tests at the extreme of the normal or low clinical (eg. sub what is currently accepted as clinical, neither healthy or what is regarded as sick; multiple of those is sick). It is treated by reducing environmental insults and building up the immune system.

Just like you are not yourself when you are hungry, you are super agitated and sensitive with chronic widespread inflammation.


Advanced Cholesterol Profile
Amino Acids Urine Test
Comprehensive Fatty Acids Test
Comprehensive Stool Analysis
Copper / Zinc Profile
Ferritin Test
Gluten / Casein Peptides Test
IgG Food Allergy Test w/ Candida
Immune Deficiency Profile
Metals Hair Test
Organic Acids Test
Streptococcus Antibodies Profile
Vitamin D Test