4MyLearn Reading Critical Thinking "I can" Statements
With Increasing Cognitive Complexity

Kindergarten Reading Program


I can describe the main character of a story.
I can illustrate the setting of a story.
I can identify the main problem of a story.
I can list three main events from the story.
I can say what the characters did to solve the problem.


I can compare the main character to one of my friends.
I can restate the problem in my own words.
I can explain why the solution did or did not solve the problem.
I can summarize or retell the story.
I can predict what will happen after the story ends.


I can tell how I would solve the problem in a different way.
I can make a story map showing what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
I can explain how I would change the ending.
I can explain how the main character and I are alike and different.


I can discuss a good or bad choice that a character made.
I can compare and contrast two characters.
I can infer about how the character feels about himself/herself?
I can evaluate a character’s actions. I can imagine what animal would he/she transform into and why.


I can describe the choices I would have made if I were the main character.
I can describe why I liked/disliked the story, and whether I would recommend it to a friend?
I can decide which character is the most important and why.
I can describe the events in the story that have actually happened to me in the past.


I can predict the outcome if one of the characters was an animal.
I can change the main character.
I can change the ending to the story.
I can rewrite the story from a different character’s point of view.
I can describe a machine I would invent to solve the problem.